Friday, January 6, 2012

Dr. Evilstein + Life

So this one was a practice, turned into a longer practice, turned into the unfinished mess you see here. He was inspired by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who has a lovely singing voice. I imagine the fellow below is up to no good, but he's also a bit of a hack. Anyways, I'm a bit outside my comfort zone on this one, especially with harmonizing the colors and skin tones. I've been doing a lot of observational sketching and life drawing which helped tremendously but it's still not enough. Also posted the process for this one but if you want to see it done a thousand times better check out Gil Rimmer and Sam Nielson in the sidebar over there.-->

This one was roughly a 90 minute digital portrait, the model was very nice. There are lots of problems and I don't like it nearly as much as I did tuesday, but here's to progression. I've been painting in acrylic a lot lately, so I'll post those once I get some decent pictures.