Friday, October 28, 2011

Mastercopies and Studies

A few studies. Sargent, Repin and Tyrese. The Sargent piece turned into a concept painting, which although I enjoy, it simply butcher's all that made sergeants painting holy. Also worked on the composition a bit. The Repin master copy taught me a lot actually, more than I expected. I'll probably do another one after learning a few of the tricks fromBob Kato's Vis Comm. 5 class.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Babylon: Ancient Near East and Gothic Architechture

These were done for Gary Meyers Architecture 1 class. I enjoy this class immensely, both because it's fun to hear lectures on historical architecture and because its FREAKING GARY MEYERS. On this assignment I chose to do a low shot image of a couple of Ziggurats. Being one of the earlier drawing sin term I think there are a few things I would address compositionally that aren't working. Anyways, its interesting to have the dynamic of new classmates and different types of classes going on at once this term and I'll be posting a little more frequently.

Also have to completely redo the value version, but let's call that top one a placeholder for now :P

EDIT: Added a Gothic Interior, the perspective is really push, and the drawing took me longer than I initially thought it would, like most things. Had to use a ruler to keep the three point true... Now if I could do that all free handed I'd be as awesome as Roy Santua.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Just some warm ups, did a little bit of learning through these. Focusing mostly on color and luminosity. Looking back on them there's no subtlety in the transitions.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer life paintings

I have a few posts that will go up soon that have been a long time coming. These were from July. The first was a painting at Tedx Long Beach. One of my past instructors, Nick Pugh, invited past students and colleagues to do paintings throughout the event and we compiled all of our paintings into his presentation. Nick has some great ideas on the future of digital painting as a medium, and I sometimes forget how in the dark the rest of the world is from our small corner of the concept art world. Take a look at the talk here.

The other paintings were quick 5-20 min. studies from life squeezed in wherever I could get them.