Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To Let You Know I'm Still Alive...

Quickie sketch that I did on a chalkboard... The project is coming along quite well, it's going to be a lot bigger than originally planned so it will be up when I finish it, most likely in august. Keep safe!


Scott Zenteno said...

nice, the rest of the projects even better, cant wait til you blow everyone away [even me]

Lazaro Gamio said...

for the love of god. Post smaller pictures.

stephensanity said...

I'm glad u found it helpful, since i came to Accd i had to fight a lot to get what i want out of my education...before being in art center i heard all the hype about how its a great school and such ..but sadly a lot of it is just hype.
There are some amazing talents and the school exploits them to get more prestige for itself.
A lot of the best students did not become that way because of accd. Actually the skills they used to get recognition at accd were gained outside or before entering, so they start out with a really high skill set and then came to accd to get professionalism and the extra 10-20%.
I guess i'm saying that accd will not make your work great, but it is a resource of information that you will have to dig through to get what you want to help yourself to do great. Especially since every teacher wants you to give 110% to their hw...but whats important to them might not be for your own goals.
Watch out for the politics, and work hard in the things that are important to your goals,..good luck next term.